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Have You Ever Dreamed Of Achieving Your Ideal Life?
A Fantastic Career, Wonderful Relationships, Great Purpose, Becoming a Millionaire, Attaining Happiness and Balance in Your Life, Discovering the Full Potential of the Inner You, No Matter Where You are in Life Right Now – It’s All Available to You

Imagine having a 5-day kick-starter program coupled with a 6 month proprietary guidance system that is 100% guaranteed to help you navigate the roadmap to your ideal success and happiness.

That’s what we do and have done for 30 years. Most people are searching for answers in all phases of their life:

  • More Money
  • More Clients
  • More Success
  • More Happiness
  • More Fulfilling Relationships
  • Better Health
  • Greater Spirituality

We bring all of these and more into sharp focus and show you how to get there.


We empower you with the tools, techniques and help to fulfill your life’s dreams, as well as improve your business, relationships, health experience, and spirituality – We even include 8 ways to become a Millionaire!


Is presented by and

Kate Hellmers

For years Kate Hellmers has taught people simple, specific techniques that act as stepping stones to learn how to work with their intuition until they to can tap into the vast treasures of all of their own gifts, energy, and capabilities. She has worked with Fortune 100 executives, celebrities, college students, spiritual leaders, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, medical professionals – to name a few types of clients. With a background in finance and investments, and a gift for strategic intuition analysis she is as one executive put it,

“The only person I have ever met who can straddle the line between both the business and energy worlds with an amazing intuitive gift.”

“Working with Kate allowed me to find the right path for me, instead of chasing after what I thought I ‘should’ do. I found Discover Your Core Intuition when feeling stuck after grad school. I felt as though my passion had waned, and this program helped me find the spark I’d been missing. I cannot thank Kate enough for her guidance, and for the first time, I feel like I’m on a fulfilling career path instead of unhappily bouncing from job to job.”

Leslie Ranne

“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this course, but it was by far one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had. I was looking for answers that could help me in my career. As a self-starter, I was used to trying out different techniques, but recently it seemed like everything I was doing was futile. That is, until I started working with Kate. The benefits of Discover Your Core Intuition will last a lifetime.”

Michael Walker

“Through business, social and personal situations, Kate’s techniques have resulted in amazing results. It has changed my life for the better in so many different ways. I loved the class!”

Teri G., PhD.

Putting It All Together

The Kick-Starter

The Pre-course kick-starter is an illuminating 5 days that helps catapults you on to your path to success. You discover 3 things that will make your life easier, give you confidence, and will help you the rest of your life. 5 days that punch the power button to ON!



    • Start working with The Million Dollar Workbook
    • Discover Your Passions and Gifts
      • How to make money with them
      • Learn how to incorporate them into your existing career for huge leaps.



  • Every successful person uses their intuition.
  • Now there are scientifically proven techniques that take it to an unbelievable level.
  • Learn over 30 ways your intuition has been trying to deliver. messages to your for your success. NOW you’ll be able to read the signals for fantastic results.
  • Gain the same insights that Executives have called “incredible” and “mind-boggling” with results from our proprietary training.



  • Once you learn the intuition secrets, we’ll teach you a technique that will show you which goals you can achieve faster, which goals to start first, and the easiest way to achieve them.
  • For those that are new to Goals, it will take you step-by-step through an enjoyable system.
  • For those that have worked with Goals, you will learn a treasure that will blow your mind and working with your Goals will be forever uplifted.



  • With your personally formulated success plan, we then help you to put it all together to take off.
  • Whether starting a business or taking one to the next level, you’ll have information available to help you complete your mission.
  • We run you through a Personal Executive Check – do you have the right branding for yourself, do you have your look down, your handshake, how you carry yourselfXXXXXXXXX? We help you analyze all of these and more to catch any inconsistencies. Our
  • Executive Presentation Guide is a handy review for you to use for every important situation – from the initial interview to the Boardroom or, for entrepreneurs, from your beginning idea to the full maturation of your dream!.


  • Monthly Calls with Q&A’s
  • We highlight specific target areas with expert advise
  • Have a block or question as to how to proceed? Video Live events let you show us, ask us, and we can work to get you to the next step!

EXCELLERATED SUCCESS is an online $7,000 program

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  • Starting a business, growing a business, growing a network, writing a book, financial information, keeping healthy, best vacation spots, best business books, magazines, papers to read, best mentors, types of coaches and consultants to have.

Value – $1,000

  • Lifetime access to meditation videos, energetic techniques, integrated health information, business strategies and more
  • Excellerated Success Members will have access to BONUS material not available to regular VIP Club members.

Value – $500

  • We want you SUCCESSFUL! So we’re providing A 6 MONTH BONUS
  • Tuesday AM 15 min. LIVE CHECK-IN WEB CALLS w/ Q&A – Fast, Focused, and Allows You Accountability (Replays avail.)
  • We’ll look over your life plan, business plan and even take a look at your energy if you would like.
  • Tips on Websites, Presentations, Interviews and more . . .

Value – $1,000


Today: $1997
Easy Monthly (12) Payments of $197

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This Program is NOT for YOU if . . .

  • You don’t want to learn new techniques
  • You like where you are and don’t want to change
  • You are looking to get rich quickly without working hard to get it
  • You refuse to believe in yourself . . . Even a little bit


This Program IS for YOU if . . .

  • You would love to discover the new scientifically proven techniques that can make your life easier and more full.
  • You love inner growth
  • You look forward to having a balanced, relaxed, yet exciting life
  • You would love to have access to information that people who are successful have
  • You want the ease of a step-by-step system with LIVE follow-up calls.
  • You love a community of positive people that are on your side

6 Weeks of


  • A fully packed intensive that includes training on synchronizing your goals with your energy for the utmost success.
  • A powerful day
  • Compelling tools
  • A wonderful lunch
  • A fun cocktail party
  • Shortcuts
  • Tips
  • Techniques
  • We partner with you for an exuberant, successful day!
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