Your 10 Keys is designed to give you all the support you need to experience Ultimate Life Mastery. We use energy alignment techniques, proven business strategies, and habit game changers to help you achieve your fullest potential and experience fulfillment on a soul level.

We offer a variety of online experiences from courses to seminars to our year-long membership that walks you through how to design your life for success and happiness. Our year long-long membership, Life Mastery, has live weekly sessions that are taught by Kate Hellmers.

How did we get our name?

We believe that there are 10 Keys that come together to assist with an Enlightened Life. Each of our courses and online offerings focuses on enhancing your life in at least one of these areas, while our year-long membership covers all of them.




Key 1: Your Highest Path

The first step in our philosophy is recognizing that you have a purpose for being here and a beautiful and complex path that will lead you to what you are most passionately seeking. This is Your Highest Path. This path has the highest energy frequency of all of your possible life paths and will provide you many experiences of ultimate fulfillment. Even if you are not on Your Highest Path right now, it is accessible to you.


Key 2: The Language of Your Intuition

Your intuition is your greatest guide. What most people don’t realize is that your intuition communicates to you through Body Taps. These can be eye twitches, a tingling feeling down the back of your neck or finger, your palms can get warm, or you can feel a literal tapping on your shoulder. There are over 50 different Body Taps that we can teach you to help you understand how your intuition is communicating to you to decode your unique Intuitive Language. Body Taps are usually a direct response to a thought or question you have. Your intuition then immediately responds to help you better navigate your life so that you experience more joy and wholeness.

Have you noticed any Body Taps lately?


Key 3: The Highest Positive Energy

Everything is made up of energy. Whether you are spiritual, religious, or none of the above, we can all agree that energy vibrates at different frequency levels. The higher the energetic vibration, the most beneficial it is for you. Everything we do, and everything we teach, is always in The Highest Positive Energy. Teaching you how to coexist with The Highest Positive Energy and use it to your benefit can have an incredible impact on your life.


Key 4: Angels & Guides

Similar to The Highest Positive Energy, Angels, and Guides exist at a higher energy than we do. We can help you create a team of Angels and Guides to help communicate with you through your Intuitive Body Taps so that you feel more reassured about your direction and the choices you’re making. Angels and Guides can have a tremendously positive impact on your well being and give you peace of mind.


Key 5: Your Gifts & Purpose

Each person has a unique set of gifts that they can bring to this world. Your gifts are often directly in line with your greater purpose. It is important to understand each gift you have so that you can learn to heighten them until they are at their maximum potential.


Key 6: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Dreams

Your Blueprint is the collection of your greatest gifts, your life purpose, your Highest Path, and all of your hopes, dreams, and wishes in one practical and achievable place. The Blueprint to Achieving Your Dreams helps you interpret how you can blend your gifts and your purpose together in a way that generates wealth and abundance. Your gifts deserve to be shared with the world and you can reach wider audiences that support your purpose when you follow our Blueprint.


Key 7: Your Sacred Space

We encourage you to enter a Sacred Space whenever you feel called, which is a high vibrational energy circle designed to help you meditate, pray, connect, or receive intuitive information that can greatly benefit your overall well being.


Key 8: Nature’s Superpowers

Just as everything is made of energy, the energy of trees, flowers, stones, and certain locations can have significantly different impacts on you. Have you ever gone to the beach or the mountains and felt rejuvenated? The energy fields around different natural places and items can help you feel alive or drain you of energy. When you know what stones, flowers, and other natural items enhance your energy, you can keep them around you and watch as your life flourishes.


Key 9: Soul Support

Developing a supportive team of enlightened thinkers who can help you grow, release what no longer serves you, and keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself is imperative to living a purpose driven life. Soul Support is your community of supportive individuals that you form around you to assist you in whatever areas you need.


Key 10: Keys to Heaven

Your journey to the next life should be congruent with your divine nature. There must be balance between this existence in the physical world and what comes next as we move beyond our bodies. There are enlightened techniques that assist with lessening the emotional impact that end of life transitions can cause for both those passing and loved ones who are still here. Approach your next step of existence with the divine reassurance that you’ve lived an impactful life without regrets or fear.


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