Ever year, everyone on the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board for our company researches and reviews charities and 501(c)(3) applicants and chooses three charities for the year to which we donate a percentage of profits. It is a tradition that we have continued throughout our business careers and foundations with which we have been involved. We have been so blessed with the resounding goodness coming back to us through our donations, time, and other help.

Feel free to participate and donate directly to any of the organizations that we have helped in the past from the list on this page.

To have your 501(c)(3) considered, please contact us at customerservice@your10keys.com. We will be happy to send you an application.

The Foundations and Charities for this year are:

American Red Cross – Junior Chapter (organized by teens)
Give A Goat (Africa) Heifer International
NEADS – National Education Assistance for Dog Services (Trains dogs for physically disable as well as veterans.)*

And always included –
Nile’s Project — Educating people on how to eradicate MRSA and other hospital acquired infections.



Feel free to donate to organizations we have helped in the past in various ways:

The American Heart Association
SMA — Spinal Muscular Atrophy
John Tracy Clinic (Deaf and Hearing Research)
Blind Athletes Association
Various Cancer Research Centers
Missionary Vehicles Association
Muscular Dystrophy
Richstone Family Center
The Midnight Mission
Los Angeles Mission
Habitat for Humanity
Common Ground
Disabled American Vets
Fire Fighters — various local cities
Police — various local cities
St. Jude’s
Doctors Without Borders
World Wildlife Fund
Various Education al Foundations

* For next year,, we are looking for a therapy animal training program for animals that can detect cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses. If you are aware of any programs, please contact us at customerservice @your10keys.com. (Thanks!)