Gifts, Guidance & Profits For The Consciously Minded Person

MODULE 1 is an amazing step-by-step adventure to discovering lots of different kinds of gifts you have. It’s a way to know yourself better. We’re going to show you how great you are!

Module 2 is going to start to hone your gifts down to a certain number so that you’ll know which of your gifts would be a good idea to work with for a business or charity.

After Module 2, you’ll even bet able to have your Gifts Call with Kate Hellmers, the Strategic Intuitive Expert. She can tell you which gifts are the most beneficial to get you to your goals, which aren’t, and the next best steps for you individually.! Be sure to send in the Gifts Summary Sheet prior to your call to get the most out of it.

Module 3 lets you know The Top 5 Ways To Build A Business Around Your Gifts– and thus, be sharing your gifts with people, balancing it with income, and be happier being the true you.

Module 4 presents you with the different guidance and resources you might need and want, depending on which of your choices you made in the 5 ways to build your business around your gifts.

Zoom! So many thoughts in so little time.