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  • Identify stubborn mental blocks holding you back and work through them
  • Learn about your emotional and mental triggers
  • See how implementing small changes can result in huge life shifts
  • Pinpoint the precise challenge day that changes your life the most!

72 Irresistible Pages.

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Enjoy each day’s fun, entertaining, and info help for that day’s simple challenge. Turn your life, goals, mindset, and actions around to what your dreams are!

We’ll show you what you can be aware of in your life to make little changes that can transform into HUGE results.

The BEST LIFE Video Series is full of inspiration and a step-by-step path of how to succeed.

Discovering the sparks that can make your mind light up with joy when accomplishing your dreams.


You’ll even find out how the penguins come into it!

We created this Powerful Video Series to give you a more hands on experience with The 5-Day BEST LIFE Challenge. You asked for more and here it is!

By watching the video series, help your mind learn that self improvement and achieving your goals are fun and possible. With worksheets that help simplify each day’s task, daily motivation, inspiring messages, BONUS exercises and success tips, you will be on the right path to rocking this challenge!

Clients love this BEST LIFE Powerful Video Series  because of the profound impact it had on their lives. Tracking progress and going through these exercises can shift your life immeasurably.

  • The eBook
  • Irresistible Workbook
  • All the Bonuses
  • Daily Tracking Forms
  • Homework Pages
  • Q&A’s
  • Stories that People Have Sent In
  • Printable Pages (black & white with no pictures)
  • Printable Journal Pages with Insightful Questions
  • Plus your bonuses

It is so important to track your success so that you can see how far you have come! We would also love to hear your stories, which day of the challenge you struggled most with and which day was your favorite.


    1. Confidence boosting Affirmations – also:
      • Money
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      • Health and More! Take Your Pick
    2. 5 Key Tips that lead to even greater success

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