The Beverly Hills Stepping Forward 1-Day Intensive

The Beverly Hills Stepping Forward 1-Day Intensive

An incredible event for re-designing your path so that your goals, mind, body, & intent are meshed going forward in the best direction for your success. Whether you are looking to focus on your goals for money. love, or health learning more about your energy and how to connect your spiritually through your energy is unbelievably helpful.

It is a fully-packed 8 am to 5 pm day with 5 experts, intensive work, fun groups sessions, business, love, health, and energetic secrets, tips, techniques, and shortcuts to help create the most powerful day you’ll have in outlining and designing the blueprint of your life that includes the most compelling tool you’ll learn — synchronizing your energy with your goals for your first major stepping forward success.

A fun lunch provided by a Beverly Hills Restaurant and a Champagne & Chocolate cocktail hour to celebrate our day will round out a fantastic affair.

We help you through each step for an exuberant, successful day!

The full day is included in our 6, 8 and 10 week Seminars

The Beverly Hills Energy Spa Day

A unique experience to re-design and catapult your energy forward in a wonderful way with the latest energetic tools, techniques and 6 leading Energetic Specialists. It’s an exciting day not to be missed.

Through different methodologies, you will understand how to hone your physical, energetic, mental and emotional capabilities to your highest level for the next transformation in your business and personal lives.

  • Learn how to energetically scan all 7 systems your body physical body.
  • Then, have those 7 systems energetically scanned by an Energetic Specialist and compare, learn, and absorb how to step up a level in your abilities.
  • Learn how to scan your energetic systems, fields, hubs and networks. Again, with an Energetic Specialist’s analysis to not only provide you with an expert reading, but help you discover what areas of energy you can read and what areas of your energetic systems would be good to work on now.
  • Experience a special Guided Meditation once your energy has been elevated.
  • Enjoy short Kundalini stretches throughout the day to enhance your blood, energy and oxygen flow with our Kundalini Energetic Specialists with a PhD in Physical Therapy.
  • Through our studies at both Integrated Health Departments at UCLA and USC in Southern California, we have been able to put together sound meditations and healing sessions based on the scientific research that has been accomplished. You will have access to this incredible information. Then, you will be able to experience the sound effects two different ways. Once as a group to see the effects a dynamic calming sound can have on you and your body.
  • Then experience sound on an individual basis. Each person will be able to experience some of the incredible physical, mental, emotional, energetic healing, transformations, and highs that sound can bring to your life through the individual experiences of southing natural sound by an expert in sound therapy.
  • The latest information on Stones and Earth Energy will be an exciting area for those that aren’t aware of the powerful scientific studies.
  • Finishing off the session will be the 7 focus platforms that can be utilized in business, relationships, your health, and much more. We will also show you how to incorporate your goals or, if you attended the previous day, merge the Stepping Forward Blueprint, to embrace every aspect of positive momentum for your triumphs.
  • Beginners and Professional Energists will find it an exciting day not to be missed.
  • A Beverly Hills style lunch and our special California Sundown Tea and Champagne hour will wrap up in celebration.

The dates are being set for November to be held in Beverly Hills, CA, USA. The first day will be broadcast for clients around the globe if they are not able to attend in person.


Get on the list to be informed immediately to have the first shot at being able to attend.


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